Aviva Method consists of a series of exercises, or dance movements, designed to improve women’s and men’s reproductive health. It is essentially a way to heal our body and enhance fertility through movement.

How does it work?

The exercises of the method stimulate blood-flow in, and around our lower  abdominal area, and the reproductive organs. With increased blood  supply essential hormones, nutrients and oxygen supply also increase, which in turn improves and accelerates the body’s natural healing processes.

Who is it for?

This method is useful for girls and women of reproductive age, as well as menopausal and post-menopausal women. It is, however, not useful for women who take oral contraceptives, or use an IUD.

What are the effects?

The exercises can be used to help with period related complaints (such as heavy, absent or irregular periods), to increase fertility, to improve overall reproductive health, and to help with incontinence, or symptoms of menopause. The method also has a series of exercises designed for men to increase fertility, improve prostate health, and reduce erectile dysfunction.

The beauty of this method is that it is absolutely natural, affecting reproductive health without any hormonal or medical interventions.